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Permission Form for Adoption Wisdom – Production & Distribution Training on the Internet & Media

AdoptionWisdom.com The virtual training center for adoptive families in Israel.
The site is the leading professional virtual center for adoptive parents and adoptees. In addition, the site provides a source of up-to-date knowledge for professionals in the field of therapy and education and for everyone for whom adoption matters. The site functions as a social business for purpose of profit and is owned by “Harmony”.

The purpose of the material published on the site is to provide professional, up-to-date guidance which is available 24/7 from everywhere and for whoever is interested. The aim of the guidance is to aid families cope with the many involved challenges they face, especially in creating mutually secure attachment among family members. Our hope is that the guidance will enable the family members focus on creating positive, empowering experiences which are based on the strengths, motivation and enjoyment of each member of the family. “”.

The Training is based on original material which has been produced by experts from Israel and all over the world. It is presented in the original or in translation. New courses are produced in the form of lectures and interviews with professionals, experienced parents and adult adoptees. We do our utmost to ensure that the material will relate to the families’ responses in the questionnaires.

The project is supported additionally by a team of volunteers. We aim to get the cooperation of the leading bodies in this field in Israel: The  “Mishpachta” Community, The Association “Courage to Adopt”, The Child Welfare Service, TLM The Countrywide Network for Psychological Therapy, The IDC – The School of Psychology, Herzliya Israel, and experts from Israel and abroad.

Thank you for choosing to be a partner in this venture. We would be happy to receive any support in publicizing the project.                                                                                                                                                   

I pray we can continue to exert a beneficial influence throughout the world.

Sharona Duchne, Founder
email: ChildAdoptionIsrael@gmail.com

Our activities on the Net include advertising professional material which is presented to the general public by Web https://www.adoptionwisdom.com You-Tube https://www.youtube.com/c/adoptionwisdom
oogle+  https://plus.google.com/u/1/+AdoptionWisdom

and social networks and forums. The owners of the site have no control over or take no responsibility for any use made of the above material, by the users. In addition to Training, the material on the web may be used as an adjunct for fundraising ,marketing and publicity.

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