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Adoption Wisdom  The Virtual Training Center

Can you help and support adoptive families in Israel through our project?

The Project

There are over 16,000 adoptees in Israel. Adopting a child can bring many unforesee

n challenges especially if he/she has been subject to physical or psychological trauma or raised within institutions. Adoption can have a profound effect on issues concerning a child’s sense of identity and self esteem.

Sharona Duchne adopted her son when he was six and a half years old. It was often very difficult to access the support needed. Sharona founded AdoptionWisdom.com – the virtual professional training center to educate adoptive families & therapists  in Israel. The vision of this project is that every adoptive family will be given the opportunity to receive a “support package” consisting of a training program and literature. The package provides an invaluable tool for adopters to enable and assist them in parenting their children.

Our Target

Our present target  is to launch th

e “Adoption Wisdom Package” for 200 families
for January 2019. The package contains:

  • Adoption-What you need to know  9 lessons by Video, by Dr. Brenda Mc’Creight Canadian psychologist and experienced adopter.
  • Self Regulation – Training for parents & children.
  • Neurobiological – Enrichment through Sagol , IDC Herzliya

 The above courses are offered by videos, P.P. presentations, workshops & literature.

What you can do to help – We need your help for sponsorship and fundraising events. We will be very happy to meet with you  to discuss the project and its goals.

We pray that together we can have a beneficial influence throughout the Adoption Community through

this exciting project.


Mrs. Sharona Duchne, Founder  0522-941-146  ChildAdoptionIsrael@gmail.com


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